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  1. New single ‘Something Special ft. Paris Grey’ (Inner City) (10/23/2012)
    We recently released a new single featuring Paris Grey from ...
  2. This week we are at #4 in ‘De Afrekening’ on Studio Brussel (7/17/2012)
    We are at spot #4 in this weeks ‘De Afrekening’!!
  3. We entered this week’s Hotlist! (7/9/2012)
    We entered the ‘Hotlist’ at #27!
  4. This week we are at spot #7 in ‘De Afrekening’ (Studio Brussel)! (7/9/2012)
    We are now a few places higher in ‘De Afrekening’!
  5. Watch our live ‘Twenty Radios’ summer remix here (6/20/2012)
    Click this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PsSU5wFdwQ
  6. This week we are #17 in ‘De Afrekening’ (6/20/2012)
    We went up to place 17 in ‘De Afrekening’ (Studio ...
  7. This week we are #28 in ‘De Afrekening’ (5/24/2012)
    We went from #30 to #28 in ‘De Afrekening’!
  8. Twenty Radios summer remix yesterday live @ StuBru! (5/24/2012)
    Yesterday we performed our live summer remix @ Sound of ...
  9. Twenty Radios entered ‘De Afrekening’ (StuBru) (5/14/2012)
    This week, Twenty Radios entered ‘De Afrekening’ on Studio Brussel!
  10. Vote us in ‘De Afrekening’ (4/27/2012)
    You can vote us in De Afrekening by clicking here. ...